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Staba Services

Motor Design

Motor Design

We can design BLDC motor in different power/RPM/Torque.
Software Design

Software Design

A good driver is the most important issue for BLDC motor, we develop our own software for drivers.
Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Extending your ideas always need a good industrial design, we offer you full service.
PCB Design

PCB Design

Design of Driver and control PCB is one of our unique service, fit your idea by our capability.
Supply Chain Design

Supply Chain Design

No matter your project is a startup or a replacement, we can support you from A to Z.

Staba Motor Cases

Industrial Kitchen Handmixer Improvement

* BLDC motor to replace AC motor
* Work with step motor as a total solution
* 8000+RPM
* 500 watts output with no power supply
* Complete new structure design of shaft+coupler

Paris, France

Client is a French solution provider for automations. A famous chain restaurant wanted to design an automatic mixer with PLC function. We designed motor and driver for client, one step forward we provide vendors of all mechanical parts for them.

Hybrid Ceiling Fan with One 12V Battery Backup

* Hybrid power Input (AC+Battery+Solar)
* 340 RPM for 52 inches steel blades
* Low input voltage down to 70Vac
* 3 years warranty for the motor and PCB

Amman, Jordan

In our market every body quote a high price on BLDC ceiling fan solution. Staba gave us reasonable price, and they also gave us very good idea of protection from AC power fluctuation. Nice people nice company!

BLDC Motor to Replace AC Motor in Wallfan

* Plug-in and replaced
* Remote oscillation control
* AC/DC oscillation driver
* Up to 32 speed by remote controll

New Delhi, India

Customer is a listed company in India, they want tradition TPW (table/pedestal/wall) fans to be renewed with BLDC motors. We developed full set of PCB for them, with a smart solution for oscillation without any change on the fan body.

BLDC Ventilation Solution for Berlin Transportation

* Replace 200 watts AC motor by 100 watts BLDC motor
* Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation
* PWM and Potentiometer speed control
* Motor status indication (FG/FB)

Berlin, Germany

Bus and tram systems havedifferent ventilation requirements, in two months Staba offered us 3 options and finished sample. There are plenty of work to do include software/PCB/motor design and testing, but we got fast and excellent result.

Startup Project of Vacuum Cleaner

* 80000 RPM high speed
* Up to 24Kpa vacuum pressure
* Maximum 38.7L/s big airflow
* Dry/Wet structure design
* 12Vdc/24Vdc/110Vac/230Vac voltage optional

Soul, Korea

Client is a startup company offering Vacuum cleaner ODM services for Korea customers. It is the first time they design and make such a product.

Fascia Gun Solution of Motor+Driver+Controller

* 1/2/4/6 battery cells optional
* High torque design up to kg.cm
* Up to 4,300 RPM high speed
* Compact size with light weight

Roma, Italy; Indianapolis, USA

We offer standard parts for fascia guns include motor, driver PCB, control PCB and offset wheel. At the first beginning clients don’t realize a motor is not enough for their project, we offered them full supply chain support, finally they just need to design an outer body.