Return Merchandise Authorization

Warranty Policy

Defective Claim Procedure

RMA Policy

Staba Electric Co., Ltd (short as Staba) products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use within the warranty period. Warranty obligations for customized products are governed by separate contracts and not covered in this document. 

Warranty Period: Generally, Staba provides 24 months warranty since the date of the shipment. If the warranty term in the respective contract or invoice is different, the contract or invoice term prevails. 

Staba Responsibility: Staba sole responsibility under the warranty is limited to either repair of the defectives using new or refurbished parts, or replacement of the defective products returned by direct purchasers. Staba reserves the right to use replacement components for third party peripherals or components no longer available from original suppliers. 

Exclusions of Warranty: Staba assumes no liability as a consequence of the following circumstances, under which the warranty becomes void and ceases to take effect.  1. The product is found to be defective after the warranty period has expired.  2. The product has been subjected to misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, tampering, altering, or unauthorized repair, whether by accident or other causes. Such conditions will be determined by Staba in its sole and unfettered discretion.  3. The product has been damaged due to disasters or extreme conditions, whether natural or human, including but not limited to flood, fire, lightning strikes, or power line disturbances.  4. The serial number on the product has been removed, altered, or defaced.  5. The warranty will not cover cosmetic damages, nor the damages that occurred during shipment. 

Extended Warranty: Staba offers an extended warranty that can be purchased from our sales representative when you place the order. The charge for purchase of extended warranty is incremental, based on the selling price of the product.

In order to help the customer to resume normal operation as soon as possible and avoid the expense on devices that are not actually damaged, we are eager to assist you with remote troubleshooting and seek every possible way to fix the device without the unnecessary time and expense of returning the device for repair. Procedure The customer claims a problem, and contact with Staba sales representative or technical support by providing the detailed problem description in words, pictures, and/or videos.  Staba makes the best efforts for the remote troubleshooting.

Staba only accepts returns from direct purchasers. If you experience a problem with our product please return to where you bought.

RMA Number: before returning the defective products, the customer should contact our sales representative for the RMA form with the authorized RMA Number, and fill and send back to the sales representative or Note that the RMA number must be indicated on the outside of all returned packages. Staba may refuse to provide repair or replacement for a product without an RMA and return the product to the Customer with freight collect.

Expiration: An RMA is valid for thirty (30) calendar days after its issuance by Staba. Customers must return the product described in the RMA within thirty (30) days or a new RMA will be required.

Package Requirement: All returned products must be packaged appropriately to prevent shipping damage.

Warranty Status Determination: Once the product is received, Staba determines the warranty status by checking the serial numbers and diagnosing the items. A warranty item should be repaired or replace without contacting customers. If a non-warranty item requires repair the customer is sent an Estimation of Charges form which they can review and sign if acceptable. Non-warranty items will not be repaired without the customer’s written authorization. If an item is deemed un-repairable the customer is contacted and has the option of (1) having the product returned or (2) having the product scrapped.

Repairing Fee: A warranty item should repair free of charge. A non-warranty item should be in charge of materials fees and repairing fees if applicable.

Freight Charges: in case of in-warranty, the Customer will pay inbound freight of the returned product and Staba will pay the outbound freight of repaired or replaced product to the Customer; in case of out-of-warranty, the customer should pay both inbound and outbound freight cost.

The repaired or replaced hardware will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or ninety (90) days, whichever is longer. The policy may be subject to change at Staba’s sole discretion, at any time, without prior notice.