Staba BLD series BLDC Motor
for Hair Dryer (with Driver)

Designed for professional beauty care with more compact size and cost effective. Built-in PCB driver, we can redesign the shape of PCB for you.


  • Max Speed: 120,00RPM
  • Rated Input power: 120W
  • Weight: ~65gram
  • Size: Dia31*L50mm(including rubber)
  • Resistance/phase: 52ohm
  • Incutance/phase: 4.7mH
  • Rated wind speed: 24m/s max @120,000rpm
  • Rated wind pressure: 110g @110,000rpm
  • Lifetime: 1000H Min(10min on, 3min off))
  • Noise: 80dB at distance 30cm

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Model BLD-1227
Motor type:
DC Brushless motor
Permanent Magnet
Input AC Voltage: 110V/220Vac Continuous Current(A):
1A rated
120,000RPM Rated
IE 1
bi-drection controllable
Speed control:
Rated wind speed: 24m/s max @120,000rpm Rated wind pressure: 110g @110,000rpm
Resistance/phase: 52ohm Incutance/phase:  4.7mH
Lifetime: 1000H Min(10min on, 3min off)) Temp. rising: 50K Max
Inrunner rotor+iron core stator
Speed control: 120,000/115,000/110,000rpm
Fan blade: Dia27-13 Alloy Noise: 80dB at distanc 30cm
Weight: 65gram Size:
Dia31*L50mm(Including rubber)
Typical Applications:
hair dryer

Product Advantages

120 Watts DC Power

Heavy duty design for longer running time and better performance

Built-in High Quality Driver

Built-in high quality driver with controller: speed+heater

110,000 RPM Ultra Speed

Ultra high speed running push more air flow in a minimum diameter

Ultra Compact Size Weight 220g

Smallest size powerful hair dryer on this planet

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