Staba obtain another patent for ceiling fan light with UVC

13 Jun
Recently, with the approval of the State Intellectual Property Office, a wind and scenery integrated machine with the function of improving air quality researched and developed by Staba, has successfully passed the utility model patent authorization, the patent number is ZL202122373844.9.

For a long time, the company’s technicians have been committed to improving the research on the mechanical structure and process of the product, and further optimize the product performance by adjusting the design of the mechanical structure.

The technical team overcame many difficulties in the research and development process, solved one problem after another, and successfully developed a wind and scenery integrated machine with the function of improving air quality, and obtained the authorization of the invention patent of the State Intellectual Property Office. And the effective practice of technological innovation has comprehensively improved the technological level of the company’s wind-solar integrated machine, effectively improved the overall quality of the equipment, and has high practical value.​​

In recent years, the company has focused on increasing investment in scientific research and actively carried out technological innovation. The company has a certain amount of patent storage. These patent achievements have accumulated momentum for the company’s future development and further improved the technological content of the company’s products. It enhances product stability, improves the core competitiveness of the company, and provides a strong scientific and technological support for the company’s re-development.

Staba was established in 2019,it has been a reliable Motor Solution Provider & Manufacturer.Krapes is engaging in the manufacturing of various types of BLDC Motor series that well spread used in Home Fans, Hair Dryers, Air Purifiers, Blenders, Mixers, Beauty Cares, Fascia Guns, Healthy Cares, Drones, Power Tools, and other House-hold Electrical Appliances.Next,Krapes will focus on the transmission motor industry, strengthen innovation and R & D, actively carry out technological research, seize the intellectual property highland of transmission motor, and provide inexhaustible innovation power for industrial development.