BL3333 12V High Speed Mini Vibrating Egg BLDC Motor

Product Name: 12V High Speed Mini Vibrating Egg BLDC Motor
Model No.: BLN3333
Rated Power: 15W
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Rated Speed: 8,000 RPM
Features: High Speed / High Durability / Low Noise / Long Life Span



BLN3333 details

Outline Dimension


BLN3333 details 1

Performance Datasheet

Description: Speed (RPM) Current (A) Output (W)
Max Efficiency: 8,000 0.7 15
Max Power: 4,000 0.9 30

Performance Curve


Product Introduction

The BLN3333 12V High Speed Mini Vibrating Egg BLDC Motor is specially designed and manufactured for Vibration Sex Toy in our modern lives. The BLN3333 12V High Speed Mini Vibrating Egg BLDC Motor is made of 100% Cooper Winding and through the high strict producing process which can help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. The BLN3333 12V High Speed Mini Vibrating Egg BLDC Motor is High Speed, High Durability, Excellent Efficiency, Big Power, Low Electric Consumption, Super Silence, and Long Life Span.

By Staba's BLN3333 12V High Speed Mini Vibrating Egg BLDC Motor, the Vibrating Egg shall reduce a lot of Noise, provide sufficient Impact on the speed, and extend its life span service life.

The BLN3333 12V High Speed Mini Vibrating Egg BLDC Motor uses Original Chip and MOS Conduit to offer 0.9A Maximum Load Current and reduce Energy and Noise. Staba Eco FOC Control BLDC Motor for Vibration Sex Toy has High Speed, High Efficient, Big Power, and Low Consumption features.

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      Different from the ordinary Vibrating Egg in the market, the Vibrating Egg relaxes the muscles of the body through powerful high-frequency vibration (minimum 4,000RPM, maximum 8,000RPM) massage, which can relax the tight and rigid muscle tissue. These are due to the 12V High-power Brushless Motor, the Viration Sex Toy Motor equipped with a dual-bearing rotating structure to offer High Speed, Low Noise, and Excellent Quality.



      At present, most of the Vibrating Egg in the market use a brushless outer rotor motor with a double bearing rotating structure. This kind of Vibrating Egg has the problems of Heavyweight and Inconvenience, Short Motor Life, Battery Durability, and High Noise. All are the pain points of various Viration Sex Toy in the existing market.

      For the frequency modulation structure of the Vibrating Egg, noise is an important evaluation index of the motor quality and is also an important reference factor for users to purchase products. Under the premise of ensuring the performance and life of the motor, our compact Vibrating Egg Sex Toy Motor adopts new Technologies and new Materials to constantly overcome the noise reduction technology, so that the operating noise of the Vibrating Egg Motor is lower than 30dB. This Viration Sex Toy Motor Solution also has the characteristics of Small Size and High Speed. Realize the easy use by customers, making Viration easier.