BLDC Controller for Fascia Gun

Product Name: BLDC Controller for Fascia Gun
Model No.: SMC300
Rated Power: 300W
Rated Voltage: DC 12V-24V
Control Mode: FOC
Application: Fascia gun / Muscle massager



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PCBA Manufacture Process


Product Information

BLDC Motor Controller Description
 Model No: SMC300 Model Name: BLDC Controller for Fascia Gun
Material: FR2, FR4, High TG FR4, High Frequency, Aluminium, FPC Number of Layers: 1-20 Layers
Copper Weight:  0.5-4 OZ Silkscreen Color: White, Black, Yellow, Blue
PCB Tolerance:  ±5 MOQ: 1 unit
 Surface Finish:  HASL, OSP, ENIG, Flash Gold PCB Outline: Square, Circle, Irregular
  Package: QFN, BGA, FBGA, SOP, PLCC, LGA Sub-Assembly: Plastic, Metal, Screen
PCBA Testing: AOI / Functional / Visual Testing Function Testing: 100% Testing

Product Introduction

Staba Electric Co., Ltd owns in the field of Brushless Motors: products with Sensors (Hall, Optical, Magnetic) and Sensorless (Back-EMF, FOC); It has mastered the Traditional Square Wave, Sine Wave, and Vector Control Technology. Involved in Vacuum Cleaners, Hair Dryers, Power Tools, Agitators, Water (Air) Pumps, Fan Fans, Automatic Door Motors, Laser Scanning Motors, Medical Centrifuges, and other products: with Ultra-High-Speed (200000rpm) FOC, High-precision Speed (5/100000) Speed Closed-loop Control, High Torque, and High Current Processing technology: can provide a perfect solution for product miniaturization (High Speed), Low Noise (FOC Control), Direct Drive (High Torque and High Current Processing). 

Staba Electric Co., Ltd specially designs SMC300 BLDC Motor Controller with the following features, Stable High Quality, Reasonable Price for Fascia Gun, Massage Chair, and Massage Tools.

We welcome your inquiries about our High-Quality BLDC Motor Controller for Fascia Gun.

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  • SMC300 Staba Electric Co., Ltd owns in the field of Brushless Motors: products with Sensors (Hall, optical, magnetic) and Sensorless (back-EMF, FOC); it has mastered the traditional square wave, sine wave, and vector control technology. Involved in Vacuum Cleaners, Hairdryers, Power Tools, Agitators, Water (air) pumps, fan fans, automatic door motors, laser scanning motors, medical centrifuges, and other products: with ultra-high-speed (200000rpm) FOC, High-Precision Speed (5/100000) Speed Closed-Loop Control, High Torque, and High Current Processing technology. We Staba can provide a Perfect Solution for Product Miniaturization (High Speed), Silent (FOC Control), Direct Drive (High Torque, and High Current Processing).

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