BL7640 1750W Power Wall Breaking Machine Blender 99mm BLDC Motor High Durability Low Noise DC Motor High 25000rpm Speed 220VAC 310VDC

Product Name: Blender BLDC Motor
Model No.: BL7640
Rated Output Power: 1750W
Rated Input Voltage: 220V AC (310V DC)
Rated Speed: 25,000RPM
Features: High Torque / High Durability / Low Noise / Long Life Span



BL7640 details

Outline Dimension

BL7640 OD

Performance Datasheet

Description No Load Max Efficiency Max Output Power
Speed(RPM): 21,700 21,250 21,250
Current(A): 0.521 9.21 9.21
Torque(Nm): 0 0.92 0.92
Output Power(W): 0 1550 1550
Voltage(V): 220V AC (310V DC) 220V AC (310V DC) 220V AC (310V DC)

Performance Curve

BL7640 PC

Product Introduction

The BL7640 1750W Wall Breaking Machine Blender 99mm BLDC Motor High Durability Low Noise 25000rpm High-Speed 220VAC 310VDC is specially designed and manufactured for Household Healthy Electric Appliances in our modern lives.

The BL7640 is made of 100% Cooper Winding and through the high strict producing process. The BL7640 1750W Wall Breaking Machine Blender 99mm BLDC Motor High Durability Low Noise 25000rpm High-Speed 220VAC 310VDC, High Speed, Excellent Efficiency, Big Power, Low Electric Consumption, Super Silence, and Long Lifespan with 5 Years Warranty.

The BL7640 1750W Wall Breaking Machine Blender 99mm BLDC Motor High Durability Low Noise 25000rpm High-Speed 220VAC 310VDC is the best suitable motor for Kitchen appliances. This model of BLDC Motor is specially designed and manufactured for Blender Machine working in Rated Voltage 310VDC (220V/50Hz Controller input), Rated Output Power 1750W for High Efficiency and Low Consumption.

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    Wall Breaking Machine Brushless DC Motor Solutions

    The main pain points in the current wall breaking machine/multi-function machine industry:

    A. Due to the high power and high speed of the motor, the noise during work is loud and the user experience is poor.

    B. The existing AC series motor has a low life, a narrow range of motor speed adjustment, and poor low-speed performance.

    C. The AC series motor has a high temperature rise and needs to be equipped with a cooling fan, resulting in loud noise and a bloated structure.

    D. The mixing cup is very bulky due to the need to install a heater, and the sealing device is easily damaged.

    E. The existing high-speed wall-breaking machine cannot achieve low-speed and high-torque (such as mixing noodles, minced meat, etc.), while the low-speed chef machine is difficult to achieve juice, soy milk and heating functions;

    Based on more than 10 years of experience in custom development of wall breaker motors and combined with industry pain points, Staba Motor has continuously optimized product design. Now it has mature products with multiple platforms:

    1. Staba Motor has a complete series of series motor models. The outer diameter of the iron core is from 54mm-120mm, Speed from 100-40,000rpm and the power is 50-2000W, which can meet the needs of many products.

    2. Staba Motor develops high-power products have rich technical solutions in terms of quality stability, life span, noise, and odor control, and they are now widely used in well-known brands.

    3. The company’s products have comprehensive and reliable technical solutions for customers to choose from in the transmission mechanism supporting the motor.

    4. The company has rich experience and comprehensive technical solutions in motor control systems, motor protection devices, and motor sensor control, which can meet different customer requirements. Many motors are equipped with manual reset PTC thermostats, NTC Temperature sensor, Hall speed sensor, forward and reverse control and electronic brake device, etc.

    5. In order to meet the needs of high-end products, our company has developed a variety of brushless DC motors and flat motors with our own intellectual property rights, which have many advantages such as novel structure, large torque, low noise, long life, and high efficiency.

    Staba Motor has nearly 10 years of experience in motor customization engineering, especially on Electric Fan has accumulated a large Motor Prototype Database for customer reference or choice, optional matching controller, or encoder, quickly according to customer needs to custom a motor solution meet or exceed customer demand.
    Staba Motor has been a reliable motor provider and manufacturer since 2010. For more information on the Electric Fan BLDC Motor Solution, Please contact us, or WhatsApp at +86 137 9445 5099
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