BL5517 150W Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaner Dual Application BLDC Motor

Product Name: Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaner BLDC Motor
Model No.: BL5517
Rated Power: 150W
Rated Voltage: 21.6V
Rated Speed: 62,000±10% RPM
Features: Wet & Dry Special Design / Integrated Design of Motor & Controller / High Efficiency / Long Life Span



BL5517 150W Vacuum Cleaner BLDC Motor

Outline Dimension


Performance Datasheet

Description Parameter
 Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Rated Voltage: 21.6V DC
Input Power at Max Efficiency: 150W
Speed at Max Efficiency: 62,000±10%RPM
 Max Efficiency:  ≥48%
 Max Air Suction: 13Kpa
 Max Air Flow:  19dm³/s
Noise: ≤96db(100cm)

Performance Curve

SM-BL5517 150-PC

Product Introduction

The BL5517 150W Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaner Dual Application BLDC Motor is combined Staba Motor 11 years of DC Motor customization and manufacturing experience to specially developed Vacuum Cleaner BLDC Motor Solutions.

Compared with the previous Vacuum Cleaner equipped with AC Motors, the Vacuum Cleaner using Brushless DC Motors with Lower Power Consumption.

The BL5517 150W Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaner Dual Application BLDC Motor works in 21.6VDC and offers 65,000±10% RPM High Speed at very Low Power Consumption at 150W. 

We Staba Motor shall continue to optimize the Wet Vacuum Cleaner Motor Solution, in order to design and meet Smaller, Lighter, more Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving, Intelligent Control, Stepless Speed Regulation, Lightweight and Environment Protection Trend.

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    BLDC Motor For Vacuum Cleaner

    Today, an increasing number of people are concern about health problems, Household Cleaning products have become an important product of attention. Household Cleaning products have become to improve the living environment and protect the health of the indispensable tools, Vacuum Cleaners play an important role in cleaning products.

    Based on the new demands of the Vacuum Cleaner industry for small size, lightweight, long life and high performance of the motor, Staba Motor designs an ultra-high-speed(100,000rpm) Brushless Motor, the motor integrated the motor and wind chamber, adopt high-performance magnetic steel(N42), and turbine blade to realize the higher wind pressure. Besides, Brushless Motor gets the advantage of long life and easy to control which is helpful to the developer to design a small-size multifunction integrated Vacuum Cleaner.

    BL5517 01

    Research and Develop in the future

    1. Improve the Efficiency to increase BLDC Motor Efficiency and Fan Blade Efficiency.

    2. Improve Power Density to make Motor Smaller and Lighter even at High Power.

    For More info., pls feel free to email: or WhatsApp +86 137 9445 5099

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