BLN4834 Hair Dryer BLDC Motor

Product Name: Hair Dryer BLDC Motor
Model No.: BLN4834
Rated Power: 70W
Rated Voltage: 230V
Rated Speed: 7,600RPM
Features: High Precision / Low Vibration / Low Noise / High Speed / High Efficiency / Long Life Span



BL4834 Hair Dryer BLDC Motor

Outline Dimension


Performance Datasheet

Description Parameter
 Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Rated Voltage: 230V AC
Max Input Power: 70±10W
Max Wind Pressure: 105g/10cm
 Max Wind Speed: 15m/s
Net Weight: 152g
Noise: ≤85db(100cm)
Controller: FOC
Life Span: ≥2,000Hrs
Max Speed: 7,600±10%RPM

Product Introduction

The BLN4834 Hair Dryer BLDC Motor is combined with Staba Motor 10 years of DC Motor customization and manufacturing experience to specially developed Hair Dryer BLDC Motor Solutions.

Comparing with the previous Hair Dryer equipped with AC Motors, the latest Hair Dryer now uses Brushless DC Motors with Low Noise and Low Power Consumption.

The BLN4834 Hair Dryer BLDC Motor works in 24VDC and offers 7,600RPM High Speed at very Low Power Consumption at 70W. 

We Staba Motor shall continue to optimize the Hair Dryer BLDC Motor Solution, in order to design and meet Smaller, Lighter, more Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving, Intelligent Control, Stepless Speed Regulation, Lightweight and Environment Protection Trend.

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    BLDC Motor For Hair Dryer

      Traditional Hair Dryer always adopt AC universal Motor which gets much noise and short Lifespan. As the AC universal Motor always get big size and heavy weight, it is very difficult to use it to design a beautifully shaped Hair Dryer. 


      External Rotor Structure BLDC Motor According to the new market trend, Staba Motor designs an External Rotor BLDC motor. Staba Motor’s integrated design of Motor and Fan Blade reduces the Size and Weight, while drum-type Fan Blade ensures uniformly and quickly of the wind.


    The BLDC Motor can provide the precise control of various Speeds and Application integration demand. With High Precision balance of the Motor, the Hair Dryer only gets Low Vibration when working  to give users perfect experience.  

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